Global Investor First Arabian Private Equity Trust (FAPET Fze & KY)

has made a preferred investment in World Group LLC UK and appointed subsidiary Mondial to hold the preferred shares and manage the investment.

First Arabian Private Equity Trust was established in the Trucial States as a Joint Venture Investment Platform by UAE, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Macau, Isle of Man since 1970.


This Page is a special purpose access / login page for our Asset Manager Mondial to our investments with World Group Holdings.

To access the main page, you will need to insert your "toggle" supplied by the investment administrator, alternatively if you are registered to view this investment you may log-in with your Username and Password on this page.

Latest News

Due to the incredible success of the Brookwater Golf & Spa Resort at First Residence, FAPET and its Portfolio Manager Mondial by way of an investment within World Group Projects have acquired certain developments rights including this website and as part of our investment and branding strategy, new sites are currently changing over to provide investors with a broader view to the new group capability. Please type into Google or your preferred browser

If you are a FAPET Registered User, you may login so that you may view the investments and their profile and performance, as well as other investor information such as, the corporate governance, supervisory board, management and the new international team and operating divisions of the JV Group, World Group Mondial and Brookwater Group Investments (BGI), as part of IIG (International Investment Group), also including Joondalup Group Investments (JGI), Dubai Group Investments (DGI) and G-Group Investments (GGI), backed by FDFC (Freezone Development Finance Corporation).